Starting a new business

We've all had the dream of being our own boss, working hours to suit our family's needs and doing something we truly feel passionate about. But what holds us back?

For me it was the fear of failure. I'd come up with an idea, do the research, get plans in place, then when it came time to take the next step, I'd stop. I'd suffer from a crisis of confidence. I would compare my idea to other more successful models. I would worry about having to promote myself. How could I do this if I was full of self doubt? What makes me so special?

I would also think I'd fail because I didn't have a fully realised brand and slick process like other more established brands do. How could my idea work?

But then I finally snapped out of this negative thinking and realised that even Starbucks started as a small coffee shop in Seattle. We all have to start somewhere in life. The best business people are ones that can learn on the job. If you make a mistake? It's a learning curve. You'll be more aware of those pit fall in the future. Each experience makes us wiser, and in turn better at what we do.

My advise to anyone wanting to start a new business... Just do it. Everything can be modified or changed at some point. Take a look at Google's first incarnation... It's definitely not the slick machine it is now. Check out how some of the biggest brands in the world and what they first looked like:

How 20 popular websites looked when they launched - The Telegraph

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